Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board

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The Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB) is a program of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR). OCREB is an innovative, oncology-specialized Research Ethics Board (REB) serving hospitals in Ontario that conduct cancer clinical trials. OCREB’s centralized model streamlines the review process, minimizes redundancy, promotes consistency, and saves the time and cost of having the study reviewed by an REB at every participating institution (study site).

OCREB is a respected and consulted leader in research ethics and was the first REB to be qualified through the Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) REB Qualification program. Although it is independent in its decisions and operates at arm’s length from programmatic and research structures within OICR, OCREB is accountable to the OICR Board of Directors through the Governance Committee and the OCREB Advisory Committee.

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