Monthly Centre Meetings 2019

Note: The April 5, 2019 teleconference has been cancelled.

Monthly Centre Meeting Summary [March 2019]

Notices: The April OCREB meeting was moved to April 5th, 2019 due a conflict with the CAREB conference. The meeting deadline is March 19, 2019

Reminders: update to the latest version of CTO stream; attachments in various versions of the application

Noteworthy Items:

Monthly Centre Meeting Summary [February 2019]

Notices:  introduction to the new ICF template ; TCPS Update to be released in April, 2019

NCWG ICF slides 2019 BOR

Reminders: updating study contacts in CTO stream; the OCREB meeting has been moved to April 5, 2019. [to avoid a conflict with the date of the CAREB 2019 annual conference]

Noteworthy Items: